Why Choose Us

Our Rooms & Breakfast combines the family atmosphere of the B & B, without sharing the accommodation of the host family, with some characteristics of the agritourism offer but without the true life of the fields.

We have chosen not to produce directly but to prefer the development of agreements with small production realities of the Valtaro and Vagleno, with an eye attentive to the raw materials offered by the Emiliano-Romagnolo and the Apennines the latter "contaminated" from Parma and the Food Valley , from Liguria and Tuscany that are no more than 70km away.
Are you passionate about bicycle? Then we do your case because we decided to specialize to accommodate 2-wheel lovers, providing experience, dedicated services and passion. We are a miniature "bike hotel" and our mountain bike guide, Giorgio, is available for bikers who prefer all-mountain-saddle at their muscular mountain bike or assisted pedaling.

Type of hospitality:

The hospitality we can reserve is that of the bed and breakfast type, then room and breakfast, or half or full board. Or, for guests who want to get up at dawn to hunt or pick up fungi, we can offer rates without breakfast.


The accommodations we can offer satisfying singles on a journey of pleasure or work, couples (of friends, work colleagues or in life), families with children or groups of friends or families traveling together and want to have so much space all at their disposal. It can be accessed independently and at the desired time, thanks to the keys that will be delivered to you at check-in, and on the first floor you will find the bedrooms that make up a large apartment with external bathrooms, but next to the rooms, and a wide Equipped dining room.
You can rent the only room with bathroom, so with probable interaction with other guests present, or the whole apartment for you and your family or group of friends.

We often have dinner with our guests, a happy opportunity to meet each other and suggest, to those who ask him, visits and excursions.

You will be immersed in absolute green, far from everything. You will enjoy the pleasure of falling asleep, in the evening, and wake up in the morning creded by the sounds of the forest, mountain and wild animals. Soon in the morning or dusk you will be able to enjoy the proximity of a family of roe, which permanently lives in the lawn next to and from the window of the room peeking the roe mom that controls the surroundings to preserve the little born this year maybe in the company of the young man Capriolo born last year.

You can enjoy the always amazing beauty of a starry sky because you will really be in the dark !!! Observe with a naked eye with a stellar map of the month or bring your telescope and recognize the most famous constellations and planets will be experiences that will also cheer you once again returned home.

Then you can't miss ...... .. a "fireflie bath" during the first months of summer. You will return to children and spending more time in contact with nature you will have a greater sense of vitality and you will recover awareness of yourself and the surrounding world.

What is the best time to come on vacation in the Apennines? When you travel to visit wonderful angles, perhaps even in winter, and parts it means that you are carving into a break from routine and daily stress. There is no better time!

So even in winter the right combination of delicious food, spectacular landscapes and beautiful villages, in winter it not only translates into a unique experience, but it is a different and fascinating light that makes your trip special. Mountains both imposing and sweeter, snowy, wonderful landscapes to admire and photograph, medieval villages and / or experiences on snow, here is also the Tuscan Emilian Apennines becomes absolutely one of the interesting destinations.

Only for you, our guest, it will be possible to dine or have lunch by an agreement with 1 day prior notice for check-in.
I opted for the choice of the agreed menu to be able to offer a "tailor-made" experience and to avoid wasting or overproduction. The dishes vary according to the seasons and propose the combination with wines suitable for the dishes agreed in the menu itself. It is possibly agreed by time and implemented on the basis of the number of persons envisaged and in relation, as far as possible, in fact your needs you will be asked to communicate what are the foods that are not to your liking.
We are husband and wife: Giorgio and Valeria, transplanted directly in 2014 by Milanese, stressful and chaotic Hinterland, in that of Valtaro, (Valley of the Taro River), in Emilia-Romagna, Province of Parma (one step away from Tuscany and Liguria ) ... In short, we have immersed ourselves in almost unspoiled nature.
We have abandoned relatives, respective work from employees and home to change totally life in search of a bit of "good living"

We are small and "young" regarding hospitality but we offer a service, according to us, complete. Until today, there is no similar something in our areas. We are a bike hotel reduced formed ;-)
Giorgio is a Guide to the National Mountain Bike Academy and is available for:

  • Accompanying services for mountain bike excursions, both with muscle bikes and with assisted pedal bikes. More than thirty years of experience and in-depth knowledge of the paths and paths of the Valleys of the Taro and the Ceno. Pedaled paths of different difficulties are proposed to discover the uncontaminated and unquestioned landscapes. "Tailor-made" experiences;
  • In-depth stages dedicated to those who want to improve their basic knowledge, necessary to better face the practice of MTB, remaining with the "ground wheels" .... Ask for a personalized quote !!