Communication of the Rules and some FAQs

We are more than aware that, regardless of the prevention and safety activities implemented by Tolasudolsa R&B and regardless of the Italian and regional regulations, many of the guests may be subject to limitation of their freedom of movement caused by the legislation of their countries. Valeria, the owner, remains at your complete disposal to build and share the desired solution (s) together.
Thanking you right now for your patience and collaboration, which we are sure will be demonstrated, we wish you to spend a happy and relaxing holiday in safety even in this complicated and delicate moment. If you prefer to download the file of these rules, click here: Rules & FAQ_eng

Security Policy
Rules and Behaviors for the customer

Everything can be done safer and easier if we do it together! Enjoying a peaceful and safe holiday, be it long or short, is simpler than you might think, but everyone’s full collaboration is needed. All Tolasudolsa R&B guests are required to respect the following rules of good coexistence:

Self-certification and informed consent:

Before arrival, guests will be contacted to verify that there are no symptoms related to a contagious disease, that they are not persons subject to quarantine obligations and that they will arrive, as far as possible, equipped with their own personal protective equipment. This request is made exclusively because of the difficulty that, as everyone knows, we face in finding these devices not only for guests but also for personal use and for cleaning and sanitizing operations. An economic contribution may be requested in case of supply of protective devices by Tolasudolsa R&B.
Before arrival or once you arrive you will be asked to sign a specific declaration and to accept the rules described here that will accompany guests throughout their stay. To download the file about the self-certification:


Respect a distance of one meter from all other customers who are not roommates. If it is necessary to request information or other information from the property, personal protective equipment (mask – optional gloves) and the minimum recommended social spacing must be used.

Personal hygiene:

Maintain excellent hand hygiene by washing them well and often with soap and water and always take advantage of the sanitizing gel dispensers that you continually encounter within the R&B. Avoid bringing your hands to your face by touching your eyes, nose and mouth.

Personal protective equipment:

To access and move inside the rooms used for hospitality, always wear a mask and / or gloves. Use the mask even where it is not mandatory … it is still a great idea.
In the dining room, where breakfasts and / or lunches / dinners will be consumed, you can remove the mask but the access safety distances must be respected, you can sit at the internal table in the dining room or outside on the patio (with in the case of the presence of other guests, the owner will verify and agree on how to use the breakfast service or any extra meals – see next paragraph) while waiting to be served.

It will be possible to take advantage of the breakfast, which we are assuming (alas) to serve with single-dose products in order to be able to protect you from possible cross contaminations, directly in your room or in the common dining room or outside where other guests may be present. In the common dining room and on the outside couple there are large single tables which, lengthened to the maximum, become sufficiently large to accommodate guests at a safe and socially acceptable distance.

For room service (available only for breakfast) we are considering proposing “tray” menus that will be prepared and served by agreement with guests who will communicate any intolerances, food allergies or unwanted foods. In short, we will pamper our guests by offering a “tailor-made” experience.

Use and Change of Personal Protective Equipment:

In case of unavailability of personal devices (hoping that in the coming weeks they will become more readily available on the market), each guest will be provided with a maximum of 2 masks per week. Broken and / or used masks or gloves must not be ABSOLUTELY abandoned, they can be placed closed in their bag (or the owner will be asked to provide one) directly in the special bins of the undifferentiated placed outside Tolasudolsa R&B, on the road in front of the ‘entrance.

When removing the mask, once seated at the table for breakfast or extra meals, it is necessary to put it in its bag and put it in a bag or pocket without ever placing it on tables, chairs and / or surfaces.

Health state:

If you experience any of the following symptoms: Cough, Conjunctivitis, Body temperature >37.5 C (we are not sure when we can offer the measurement with a special device), Nasal congestion, Headache, Diarrhea, Weakness, Loss of taste and smell, Difficulty respiratory, you must:

  • Immediately isolate yourself in the assigned room
  • Stop any activity
  • Immediately notify the owner of Tolasudolsa R&B, who will notify the competent health authorities and will endeavor to alert public assistance in case of need for transportation to a hospital.

We will try to be next to our guests at all times, to advise and direct the best. Tolasudolsa R&B, albeit a small company, is investing heavily to guarantee maximum safety. As of now, we must inform you that uncooperative and / or detrimental attitudes to the right to health of other guests and / or property cannot be tolerated.
Failure to comply with the simple rules of coexistence or the advice described will mean violating the Laws of the Italian State, any transgressors will therefore be immediately reported to the competent authorities.

Safety procedures
A new quality of service tailored to your safety!

To improve your security, we have modified or are considering modifying some of our services as well as inventing new ones and have temporarily modified our commercial policies. We are sure that also thanks to the collaboration of the guests we will be able to discover a safer holiday together but without any renunciation.

Commercial Policies

In order to guarantee the highest quality of all our services, to encourage the proper functioning of all our processes, to improve the experience and to offer a peaceful and safe holiday for all our guests, Tolasudolsa R&B has decided to welcome guests by reducing the own accommodation capacity and to make use of the toilets (specifically the 2 bathrooms that before the COVID-19 were shared with the rooms – but in any case they tried to make them available as privately as possible) for strictly private use of the guests of the specific room.

The use of some of our activities (see MTB excursions with a Guide for which there are only a few tips to date), may be limited mainly due to the presence of more people. Different times can be agreed, such as in turn, to take advantage of breakfast and / or extra meals.

Many small attentions. A more personal service. And so much space all for you!

FAQ: How can I pay?

At the time of check-in, the total balance of the stay will be required and we accept payments by debit card, Cartasi credit card, Visa or Mastercard or cash. For the deposit we accept payments by bank transfer (CARIPARMA, CréDIT AGRICOLE IBAN IT11G 06230 65660 000036070113, SWIFT: CRPPIT2P408 made payable to Tolasudolsa di Bertoli Valeria) and Paypal ([email protected]). We do not accept payment by checks. Any extras (meals, packed lunches, accompanying services, etc.) will be paid in the evening before departure.

FAQ: How can I book a room?

Through this link: Book the room you desire!

In this period it is important to try to limit personal contacts so, as required by the recently issued regional protocols, we are implementing procedures through which guests will be asked to register on our website at the end of the choice of room and services. In this way you can proceed with a pre-checking with sending identity documents, orders for breakfasts, extra meals (a sort of menu) and / or excursions as well as the balance of the amounts at the end of the stay.
We are always reachable by sending a WhatsApp msg or by calling the mobile phone +39.3312946881 or by sending an email to [email protected] or via messenger m.me/roomsbreakfasttolasudolsa

FAQ: Will I be asked for a deposit? … and equal to what amount?

Yes We will ask you for a deposit, to guarantee your reservation, equal to about 50% of the total amount of the stay. You will receive the final confirmation of the booking following receipt of the deposit.
The deposit will not be refundable but may eventually be used later (voucher can be used within a maximum of 1 calendar year from the issue) in the event of non-arrival due to force majeure, with a minimum notice of 48 hours before the scheduled check-in.

How your holiday changes:

Before arrival: the property will have already contacted the arriving guests to verify that there are no symptoms related to a contagious disease and that they are not subject to quarantine. At the time of booking, you will be asked to anticipate a copy of the identity documents of all guests (including relatives or participants of a single group of friends / relatives). Unfortunately, the opportunities for meetings between the property and the guests will be limited to the minimum and the keys to access the structure freely, through the armored entrance door, will be given and the same will be retained by the guests until departure.

FAQ: What time can I arrive at the facility?

The rooms are accessible from 16:00 to 22:00 on the day of arrival. Check-out must take place before 11:00 on the day of departure. We ask you to communicate an arrival time and to respect it as much as possible precisely to welcome guests in a staggered manner and thus avoid any gatherings.
On the day of arrival, our guests can also arrive late in the morning, leaving their luggage in custody. Upon request, checking the feasibility and agreeing it in advance, on the day of departure for sportsmen who take advantage of the last excursion on foot or by bike before leaving, it will be possible to take a shower even after the check-out time.

On arrival:

As long as we have to live with COVID-19, it will not be possible to welcome guests with a handshake or with a hug, the latter especially for regular guests who have now become friends.
At check-in, in some areas, gel dispensers will be available to disinfect the hands, we recommend using it!
In addition to the normal arrival practices, delivery of documents (we are checking the availability of useful solutions to make this procedure automated so as to avoid exchanges of materials potentially vehicles of contagion) from the check-in will be delivered (if it was not possible to do it before ‘arrival) a brief information, which must be signed as informed consent and acceptance of our rules and guests will receive:

  1. sanitized and safe room:
    In addition to the scrupulous cleaning operations that have always been foreseen, your room is now delivered to you after a complete sanitization operation with a steam cleaning machine(**). From this moment the guest will have a secure room for exclusive use, the service staff will only be able to enter if there is an express request and in any case equipped with clean gloves and a mask. A special multilingual signage will welcome informing about the rules of the structure.
FAQ: When are the rooms rearranged?

The cleaning of the rooms is carried out daily, unless expressly refused by the guest, from 10 to 14 hours. During the daily cleaning, guests cannot stay in the room

For your total safety, the owner will always be equipped with suitable protective devices. Fortunately, the altitude and the constant presence of wind help us a lot with the natural airing of the premises. Only courtesy is asked to open the windows before leaving the room.
The property will be responsible for surveillance and will recommend the best

FAQ: Is the reception always open?

The owners, who live all year in the structure on the ground floor, are available on a fairly continuous basis.

Common dining room:

The owner, who handles food, is required to use gloves and masks during the processing phases. Foods are conserved and stored in special environments which are always washed with sanitizing detergents (natural detergents based on 66% alcohol).
During all meals, even at breakfast and only until we have to live with the virus, the Buffet will be replaced by the “trolley type” service. Only the owner will handle and serve the food you want.
At the traditional moments of conviviality we will try not to give up, welcome drink or coffee, To enjoy a tea or infusion, on request, kettles can be supplied in the room with sugar and herbal teas to taste.
The dining room is sanitized every day, from 10 to 14, with sanitizing detergents that contain alcohol and hydrogen peroxide. Different times may be suggested and agreed for the administration of breakfast and / or meals to prevent guests from different rooms from meeting and to proceed with subsequent cleaning and sanitizing operations.

FAQ: Meal times?

Breakfast is served from 07:30 to 09:30; lunch starts at 12:00 until 13:30 and dinner from 19:30 to 20:30. it is possible to agree on different times, giving advance notice at the time of booking, for breakfast and extra meals at different times and / or in a staggered manner in the presence of other guests.

In the common areas:

Whenever the weather permits, both for moments of conviviality during meals or for breakfast, and for activities related to preparation, we will always privilege the use of outdoor spaces.
HAPPY HOLIDAY from Valeria and Giorgio, Tolasudolsa R&B

LAVOR multifunctional machines represent the best that modern technology has to offer in order to obtain the cleanliness of any surface in an easy, safe and ecological way. This multifunction combines, with the degreasing power of steam, the power of the simultaneous suction of dirt and an essential water filtering system to prevent further dispersion into the environment. No soap, detergent or disinfectant, but only the 143°C steam which, thanks to the numerous accessories it is equipped with, can clean and disinfect every environment and surface 100%.

FAQ: Is the parking lot guarded?

Our private parking is owned (uncovered) and in front of the structure

FAQ: Do you accept animals?

Yes, but medium / small size – prior notification of their presence is welcome

FAQ: Is it possible to smoke inside the structure?

ABSOLUTELY NOT, if desired, a large ash tray is available outside and it is recommended not to disperse the butts and / or various packaging into the environment

updated on: May 30th, 2020