15 June 2021

FREE Guided Mountain Bike Tours for bikers staying at Tolasudolsa R&B

Come on and discover Valtaro and Valceno, mtb paths unknown to most bikers but fantastic places to vent desire to do hard ….. or maybe not!
9 June 2021

Parma, almost a small capital

Parma offers an artistic and naturalistic heritage of great worldwide importance and has been the cradle of great historical figures It is located in Emilia Romagna […]
9 June 2021

Parma, Land of Art, Music and Gastronomy

Parma is one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. And he knows it. Just see how carefully and carefully it is kept. The first time […]
9 June 2021

Go mushroom picking in Valtaro and Valceno

With the end of summer, the mushroom season reopens! Like every year, there are many enthusiasts who venture into the woods in search of mushrooms, often […]
9 June 2021

Raida and Magna, guided MTB and/or E-MTB excursion

Friends mtbikers, indifferently on Saturday and / or Sunday and / or during the week, RAIDA & MAGNA, guided excursions in mtb and / or e-mtb […]
6 June 2020

Your accommodation, both for vacation or business, in safety

I don’t deny it, they were difficult times, especially from a psychological point of view… .. but we’re fine and things will get better !! We […]
2 December 2019

Eventi da Natale fino all’Epifania in Valtaro

Festività Natalizie, fino all’Epifania, in Valtaro Anche quest’anno i comuni dell’Alta Valtaro si vestono a festa e si preparano alle festività natalizie con calendari ricchi di […]
1 September 2019

Valtaro gastronomic autumn 2019

The event “Musgrooms & Friends” Festival is starting in Alta Valtaro, and contains the main gastronomic events in the autumn. Mushrooms, truffles and chestnuts will be […]
31 August 2019

Promotion dedicated to mushroom searching and picking enthusiasts!

Also this year the R&B Tolasudolsa adheres to the initiative “HAPPY TICKET” and gives a Daily card for the collection of Porcini mushrooms in the chosen […]

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31 August 2019

Special offer for Autumn-Winter, Immaculate, New Year and Epiphany- Tolasudolsa R&B

The spacious Rooms & Breakfast Pet, Bike & Eco-friendly, called “TOLASUDOLSA” (in Parmesan dialect: take things gently, as they come), is located at 830 meters above […]