2 December 2019

Eventi da Natale fino all’Epifania in Valtaro

Festività Natalizie, fino all’Epifania, in Valtaro Anche quest’anno i comuni dell’Alta Valtaro si vestono a festa e si preparano alle festività natalizie con calendari ricchi di […]
1 September 2019

Valtaro gastronomic autumn 2019

The event “Musgrooms & Friends” Festival is starting in Alta Valtaro, and contains the main gastronomic events in the autumn. Mushrooms, truffles and chestnuts will be […]
31 August 2019

Promotion dedicated to mushroom searching and picking enthusiasts!

Also this year the R&B Tolasudolsa adheres to the initiative “HAPPY TICKET” and gives a Daily card for the collection of Porcini mushrooms in the chosen […]
31 August 2019

Special offer for Autumn-Winter, Immaculate, New Year and Epiphany- Tolasudolsa R&B

The spacious Rooms & Breakfast Pet, Bike & Eco-friendly, called “TOLASUDOLSA” (in Parmesan dialect: take things gently, as they come), is located at 830 meters above […]