Our Valley

We offer an escort service for Mountain Bike excursions, both with muscle bikes and with pedal assistance. You can spend wonderful days among the many paths of our mountains: Pelpi, Penna, Molinatico, Zuccone, Barigazzo, etc. Upon the arrival of the participants, a short briefing will be carried out where they will be analyzed and verified: level of experience, preparation and bikes in order to offer a tailor-made excursion, both in terms of difficulty and duration. Minors under the age of 16 are not allowed unless accompanied by a parent who will follow the minor (s) even during the trips.
During the period of coexistence with the virus, a minimum of 1 participant up to a maximum of 4 is accepted for each excursion. A self-certification regarding the state of health may be required. We recommend that you make an appointment with a minimum of 1 day's notice.
Cell. 335-5939936
Pricing: For individuals or groups up to 4 participants max: 1/2 day tours: € 35.00 = each / person or 1 day tours: € 50.00 = each / person.

Horseback riding

in collaboration with Le Carovane, in Compiano The activities of the Le Carovane farmhouse, 5 km away from Tolasudolsa, revolve around the life of the stables. The main initiatives undertaken are: - Riding school in riding stable - Horseback riding for both farm users and for outdoor use The caravans are a starting point for wonderful walks. There are 30 Bardigiana horses, most perfectly trained.

The Ghirardi's WWF OASIS

The Reserve organizes guided naturalistic tours for free and for a fee, photographic excursions assisted and workshops for children during the whole year. The Ghirardi's WWF OASIS occupies six hundred hectares of meadows, woods and streams in the upper Taro Valley, on the Apennines of Parma. It is the home of countless species of animals, plants and mushrooms; it hosts rare habitats and an enchanting landscape. It changes continuously with the passing of the seasons.
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checking the calendar you will find all the events scheduled in the territory of the Reserve open to the public, both those organized by WWF Parma or the Parks of the Duchy, and those organized by third parties that have been communicated to us. You can click on each event to read the program. Most events are by reservation, in case of cancellation due to bad weather or other causes, participants will be promptly notified. For free participation events, it is advisable to check the Oasis page before taking place and for any last minute communications. VISIT THE OASIS OF THE GHIRARDI The Visitor Center (with the Botanical Nature Trail) of Pradelle di Porcigatone is open every Sunday from 2 p.m. to sunset, in solar time, and from 10:00 to 18:30 in legal time.

The coordinates to reach the Visitor Center with the navigator are: 9 ° 44'37 "E / 44 ° 30'34" N

Every day the Oasis can be freely visited on foot by accessing from the Costa dei Rossi (Albareto) or Porcigatone (Borgotaro)
Information and reservations: cell. 349-7736093
e-mail: [email protected]

Trekking, excursions and snowshoeing

The group was created with the aim of coordinating and promoting the activities of mountain guides of the west of Parma area, officially authorized by the Emilia-Romagna Region and belonging to a register drawn up by the Parma Provincial Administration, thanks to the admission, attendance and passing of the final exams of specific courses, with insurance coverage as per the provisions of the Emilia Romagna Regional Law
They are very close-knit and used to working both individually and in synergy with each other. They meet periodically to plan calendars and activities, as well as to exchange information, compare and update themselves.
Each of them has specific themes and very detailed knowledge of particular areas of the Taro and Ceno valleys, even if they all have wide transversal knowledge on the popularization disciplines typical of environmental excursion guides (naturalistic, geological, historical, anthropological, etc ...) and on larger territories.
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Motorbike Tourism and Motorcycling

The valleys of the Taro and Ceno rivers are also destinations for those who practice motorbike tourism, thanks to the presence of several mountain passes with great charm for two wheels: the Brattello pass (Borgotaro-border with Tuscany) Santa Donna pass (Borgotaro-confine) Bardi) Cento Croci pass (Tornolo-Albareto-Liguria border) Bocco pass (Bedonia-Liguria border) Passo del Tomarlo pass (Bedonia-Val d'Aveto).

Territories that can be traveled with Enduro motorbikes